Mietth World

Sussin' Out the Gobs Pt. 2

After the first morning’s vicious sussin’ of the gobs, the Adventurers 3 had to rest in the first hall of the cavern for a day before they carried on to suss out even more gobs, or JUST DIE TRYIN’.

The mighty adventurers had a tunnel on the left and a tunnel on the right, both fronted by piles of greasy little dead gobs. They chose the tunnel on the left, and after 15 minutes down the corridor, they ran into a goblin trap! The trap was simple and easily dodged by the intrepid adventurers, who continued for another 15 minutes down the cave before reaching a door. After dismantling a trap on the door, they boldly entered the cave and did battle with the evil goblin leader Sarge, his fiercest gob warriors, and even a robed goblin shaman with a magical staff that shot deadly magic missles.

And so it was the giant-ess Agata who bravely slew the deadly Sarge, as it was the brave pygmy warrior pig Fox Mulder, the familiar of the she-wizard Creedence, who dealt a powerful killing snout-blow to the gob shaman.

The Adventurers 3 recovered the weapons and armor stolen from the town, but alas, the livestock had been devoured. And then, the heroes heard a plaintive whimpering from behind a pile of rocks…



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