Mayor Frew

Hero-Mayor of the village of Kojim.


male human Ftr5: CR 5; Size M (5 ft., 4 in. tall);
HD 5d10+15; hp 43; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 12; Attack +8
melee, or +7 ranged; SV Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +2; AL LG; Str
17, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 13.

Languages Spoken: Common, some Goblin and some Orc.

Skills and feats: Craft (Painting) +6, Handle Animal +5,
Hide +2, Intimidate +11, Jump +10, Listen +1, Move Silently
+2, Ride +10, Spot +1; Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Persuasive,
Power Attack, Quick Draw, Weapon Focus (longsword).

Possessions: Long sword and scale mail armor.

Primary motivation: Erecting a wall and training a militia to protect the village of Kojim from Wyrwoe or other attackers.

Secondary motivation: Rebuilding Kojim’s infrastructure.

Recent Past: Recently escaped Wyrwoe, the “King” of the refugee camp of Nissod.


A freeman who had been a nine year old child when Bloodbreeches’ forces decimated Kojim, and one of the few children to not get carted off by the monsters. He grew up in a dying town devastated by famine, plague, and occasional monster/bandit attacks. Despite the horrors around him, Frew kept his head and helped however he could. He was an inspiration to those around him and became a leader in the village, directing the reclaiming of land for farming and rebuilding the ruined village.

At age 16, the remaining Elders of Kojim named young Frew Mayor of the village. Three years after his coronation, he had reestablished contact with a dwarven mountain village named Bombum, and was trading peacefully with them. He led a small expeditionary force to the south to try and reestablish contact with any other villages that may have survived the Jutt Invasion. All they found were smoldering ruins overrun by monsters, bands of left behind orcs and goblins, and insane, starving men. Half a month away from Kojim, in the refugee camp called Nisod, they ran afoul of “King” Wyrwoe, barely escaping with their life. Making their way safely back to Kojim, Frew set to building a wall and training a militia for if/when Wyrwoe finds the valley village.

Mayor Frew

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