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Thirty years ago, the feudal human kingdom of Darrun was invaded by an army of MONSTERS. The ruling house of Darrun was eradicated. Cities and towns were razed to the ground. Entire populations were killed, eaten, killed and then eaten, or captured as slaves, to be eaten once they were worked to death.

After the Orc Queen Bloodybritches was killed by her own goblin-mage lieutenants, the Invasion ended. But twenty years of war had left the kingdom in ruins. Communication and trade routes between population centers were severed. Pestilence, disease, and famine ran roughshod. As did even more monsters! If that were not enough, the number of improperly cremated corpses has led to a sharp rise in the undead population of Darrun.

In these Dark Times, Darrun has become a feral nation. Humanity is lost, and civilization forgotten. As a result, magic is in danger of becoming a lost Art, and there are only a handful of practitioners left in the entire realm. Instead, brute force rules the day.

Over the decade, a great refugee camp has arisen in the west, ruled by the cruel and vile King Wyrwoe. Wyrwoe rules with an iron fist and an army of thugs and murderers.

In the northern Deepforest, even the isolated valley town of Kojim was razed during the monster invasion. And yet, a shred of humanity and civilization survived in the decimated village. The survivors, lead by Good Mayor Frew, are beginning to light the candle of civilization once more, after three decades of darkness.

Main Page

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