Enter the Incredible World of Mietth and the Adventurers Three!

The village of Kojim is under constant threat from the barbarism and savagery that has engulfed the once peaceful and prosperous land of Darrun. The most urgent of these threats was a pack of errant goblin fighters, stealing weapons, supplies, and livestock every night!

But Fate smiled down upon the people of Kojim, for one stormy summer eve, there arrived in Kojim three young adventurers, each on a separate quest, each from a different corner of Darrun. Mayor Frew asked these travelers to dispatch the gruesome gobs, and the brave travelers had no choice but to team-up and KICK GOBLIN ASS!!!

And so begins the continuing adventures of the Adventurers Three! Give a good and plenty hail yes to the amazing Wizard-woman known as Creedence Leonore Gielgud, she who seeks the eternality of youthiness!

And give a high holler to Sleeping Panther, the aestheticly mystical and mystically aesthetic dwarven monk, whose patented Flurry of Blows will teach you the meaning of Oneness…with his righteous fists!!!

Finally, reel in unmitigated terror at the foul-mouthed, foul-mooded, and foul-faced Agata the Killer! This dangerous near-giantess is a fighter who grew up hardtoo hard! Don’t step to Agata! Don’t even!!!

Thrill as the Adventurers Three face PERIL AFTER PERIL in a world of MONSTERS and MAGIC!!


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